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Drag Racing Integers

Image Source: The positive force of a drag racing car at full speed is far too big to be overcome by normal braking. It is like an integer sum of 1000 and -300. There is still 700 of forward … Continue reading

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Rounding Numbers

Image Source: Rounding off is important when we deal with money. Money comes in 10, 20, 50, and 100 notes. We can think about dollar amounts more clearly if we picture them as being made up of individual bank … Continue reading

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Straight Line Graphs

Image Source: So what does a straight line graph and a spectacular stunt jump have in common? Well we will land that one for you shortly. Many of us have studied straight line graphs at school, and in later … Continue reading

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Composite Areas

Image Source: In the real world, objects are often not just simple rectangles and triangles. Instead they are created using a variety of geometric shapes. Image Source: We call these objects “composite shapes”, because they are composed of … Continue reading

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How to Subscribe

You can easily email subscribe to our site by following these simple steps. Locate the “Email Subscription” option on the right hand side of our webpage, as shown below. Type your email address into the box, and then click the … Continue reading

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