Drag Racing Integers

Drag Car with chute
Image Source: http://graphics8.nytimes.com

The positive force of a drag racing car at full speed is far too big to be
overcome by normal braking. It is like an integer sum of 1000 and -300.
There is still 700 of forward force to cancel out before the car can reach zero and stop moving.

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To produce the required additional negative force, parachutes are used.
The math calculation is critical. Not enough parachutes and the car goes off
the end of the track. Too many parachutes used, and the car cannot take the strain, nor can the driver endure the G forces exerted on his or her body.

Here is a YouTube video which shows in slow motion, parachutes being deployed on Drag Racing Cars.

Here is a video which shows what happens when the parachutes fail to deploy.

There are also some very cleverly balanced Positive and Negative forces involved with the amazing energy absorption by the safety nets.

So hopefully Integers won’t be so much of a DRAG in mathematics, now that you know a bit about the POSITIVE contribution that directed numbers make to drag car racing.

Ashley Force take off
Image Source: http://www.competitionplus.com

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