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Troy West (“The Cat Man”) sure likes to spend a day at the footy!

In this post we outline a maths assignment on Football called “A Day at the Footy”.

The assignment was developed by Ms Shane, who is a teacher at the school where Passy works. Our Year 8 maths students are all doing this task as their end of term assignment.

The tasks in the assignment cover Money, Percents, Areas, and Probability.

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The first task involves looking at the cost of a day at the footy, including transport, purchasing supporter clothing, as well as food and drink on the day.

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The second task looks at calculating the area of a number of football ovals.

The shape of an oval is called an “Ellipse” in Mathematics, and the following formula can be used to find the area of an ellipse.

PW Area of Ellipse

For full detailed information about calculating the Area of AFL football grounds, click the link below.

The final part of the assignment is all about the chances of a player kicking a winning goal in the final moments of the match.

To set the scene for this question, here are some classis AFL “down to the wire” outcomes.

Adam Goodes Misses after the siren.

This one was a brilliant goal by Mark Williams that caused a draw.

Saving the best for last: Chris Tarrant’s goal after the siren that sunk the Adelaide Crows in 2003.

A magical moment for Collingwood supporters like Passy!

Download Assignment

If you are a teacher reading this blog, and would like to use this assignment with your classes, then you are most welcome to do so.

To download a copy of “A Day at the Footy” mathematics assignment, simply click the link below.

Here at Passy World, we reckon there’s nothing quite like a day at the footy!

Passy at Footy

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