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There are a lot of Mathematics instructional videos on the Internet. Many of these are simply of a teacher at a whiteboard that has been captured on video.

However, others use narration with PowerPoint slides, or are music filmclips and are very well done indeed.

Many math videos can be found simply by searching YouTube, but it often takes a very long time to sort through the results and find the best ones.

In this lesson we take a look at the best sets of videos that we have found available online for free.

In our comprehensive list of video sites below, we have tried to find groups of videos that are all of very good quality.

Here at Passy World we strongly believe in accommodating modern students’ technological learning styles by showing them math videos in class.

Using our Passy World list of Video resources will save you lots of time.
It will also ensure that only quality materials are obtained.

Most of these videos can be embedded by teachers on Learning Management Systems, as well as on other websites and blogs that students can then use.

They can also be displayed full screen for presenting during math lessons.



Brightstorm Logo

This is an awesome site that has over 2000 math videos. These videos cover Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus and Calculus.

The videos are mostly of a real teacher giving a stand up lesson at a white board. They are professionally made and have full screen and embed code. They are not downloadable.

Following the intro lesson video, there are usually several more videos showing example problems that run for about two minutes each. These flow on automatically while on the Brightstorm site.

Brightstorm no longer appears to supply embed code, and so the videos need to be watched on their site. However, they do have quite a few of their videos up on YouTube.

Here is a sample video from Brightstorm:


This is an excellent math videos site and can be accessed at the link below.


Vivid Maths

Spiro Vivid Maths YouTube Cap

Spiro is a fellow Australian Maths Educator who runs a great YouTube Channel called “Vivid Maths”.

Vivid Maths is fairly new, but Spiro is adding new videos all the time, and so it has a growing collection of fresh and high quality math videos.

Check out Vivid Maths YouTube Channel at the following link:


Math Vids

Math Vids Logo

This site has a full range of videos ranging from Year 7 to University level. All the usual topics are covered: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus.

In addition, they also have several TI calculator video tutorials.

Each video is preceded by a 30 second advertisement, which is a little annoying, but this obvioulsy helps fund the site. The videos can be watched fullscreen, and are downloadable as FLV Flash Files. So on a computer we would need to download the free “VLC Media Player” to view our downloads.

The videos do not have any embed code, so we cannot easily put them onto our own web page.

From the videos we watched, they are narrated computer whiteboard or slideshow lessons, or actual movies, and are very professionally made.

Click the link below to see a sample video from the site:

It is a very interesting site, in that the videos are made by Teachers and then uploaded to the site, and get rated by other teachers and students.

This is a diagram from their site on how it works.

How Math Vids Works Diagram

We really like this site at Passy World, especially since we have the option of downloading the videos, and having them on our Laptop ready to show to a class.

The Math Vids site can be accessed at this link:


Khan Academy

Kahn Academy Logo

Khan Academy has hundreds of free videos. The videos average about 10 minutes in length.

All videos are “chalk and talk” lessons on a computer screen, using multiple colored pens on a black background, with voice narration the whole way through.

Topics covered include Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Probability, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.

There are also worksheets of problems for most of the videos.

These are great videos for students to watch individually, but due to their average length I am not sure that they would work as well for classroom presentation.

The videos are especially good for senior high school and first year University math.

Here is a typical “Khan Academy” video.


Khan Academy is at the following link:

The videos are also on You Tube.

The Khan Academy YouTube channel is at this link:


Math TV

Math TV Logo

This is an awesome site of free videos made by Mr McKeague and his community college students in the USA.

The videos are short 2 to 5 minute videos that cover specific topics in Number, Geometry, Algebra, Exponents, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

The videos can be viewed full screen, but there is not any embed code supplied to put them onto your own site. They are also not downloadable and thus cannot be stored on your own computer.

Here is a typical “Math TV” video.


They also have a YouTube channel that has 65 Free Videos mainly on Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus at this link:


Yay Math

Yay Math Logo

This is an excellent non-profit site ran by Robert Ahdoot in the USA.

He likes to dress up and add comedy to his videos, and is doing a great job at this resulting in millions of online views.

As of September 2011, his site contains around 60 lesson videos. These videos cover the American Alegebra 1 and 2 as well as Geometry. In Australia they would be suitable for Middle School to Year 11 level.

There are five minute preview videos on his YouTube channel, but on his “Yay Math” site there are complete lessons also hosted on YouTube, which does supply embed code.

Here is a typical “Yay Math” video.


The link to the full set of Yay Math Videos is as follows:


Richard Rusczyk’s YouTube Channel

Richard R on YouTube

Richard is a great presenter who uses brilliant interactive graphics in his videos.

His presentations are passionate, well thought out, and well delivered.

His YouTube channel has nearly 300 videos on topics from all areas of mathematics that range in level from Junior High School right through to Senior levels.

Here is a typical video from Richard’s channel.

Richard’s channel can be accessed at the following link:


He also has his own website at the following link:


Mr Konst’s YouTube Channel

Konstmath YouTube Banner

This YouTube channel of videos currently has quality rather than quantity, but should grow into an awesome set of resources as time goes by.

The videos cover mainly Junior secondary school level mathematics.

His Geometry videos in particular have great color graphics and are very well thought out.

Here is a typical video from Mr Konst’s channel.

Mr Konst’s channel can be accessed at the following link:


Derek Owens YouTube Channel

Derek OwensLogo

Derek Owens has a YouTube channel with great Calculus and Physics videos. He has hundreds of videos on his channel, and it is well worth checking out for Senior Maths videos.

Derek has embedding disabled on his videos, but if you want to see a really good Calculus video, then click the link below.


Here is the link to his YouTube Channel


Math in the Movies

Math in Movies Logo

This is an amazing site, and has small snippets from famous films where Mathematics is mentioned. The videos can be made full screen size, and perhaps
there might be some there that would be suitable for an ice-breaker to a lesson. The other nice thing as that we can click on the MP4 link and save the video to our own computer.

If watching the Flash SWF version live, it needs pausing to let it load in and then play it. So it would probably be best to save the .MP4 version and show it to a class.

The only thing is that many of the popular movie clips do have some bad language in them, and so may be only suitable for senior students.

For example the “Hangover” clip would be great for Probability, and the Die Hard 3 clip on “7 wives to St Ives” would be a great reminder to students to read exam questions very thoroughly. But both of these have coarse language in them that may offend some viewers.

The link to all of the Math in Movies clips is as follows:


The Futures Channel

Futures Channel Logo

This is a great site for “Maths in the Real World” videos.

Unfortunately the site does not have a Search facility, and it is a matter of using the left hand sidebar links, to manually go through videos and find ones that are good enrichment material for various maths topics.

For example the following video on precious stone cutting is great to use with classes while studying Geometry.

The following video links playing drums to mathematics. This is a great video to show students when doing Fractions.

Eg. This particular video is great to use when discussing fractions – equivalent fractions, reducing, multiplying, dividing, finding common denominators, etc.

Videos can be shown online in Full screen, but unfortunately are not embeddable or downloadable.

Another downside is that a number of the videos are only available by paid subscription, and cannot be watched for free.

Here is a great video about the Math of Bicycle Wheels.

The Futures Channel site can be accessed at this link:


Annenberg Media

Annenburg Logo

This site has lots of free Math videos. Sometimes it appears as if the Videos are only for sale on DVD, but if we list the “individual Program Descriptions” we can watch a very small version of the video for free. HOWEVER, we can only do this if we are located in the USA or Canada.

There is also no full screen or embed code available. So outside of North America, it would appear that the DVD of videos has to be purchased. However there could be problems if the videos are only NTSC and not available in PAL format.

There are some very interesting videos to watch as part of the “Mathematics Illuminated” series.

But they can only be watched small size without any full screen option available.

This means that we would probably put a link to them on a website, for students to watch them individually, rather than present them to a whole classroom.

Click the link below for a great video on Music and Harmony.


Click the link below to watch a comprehensive video on Networks.

Here is the main link to the Annenberg site, where there is a side link to Mathematics materials.


Math Playground

Math Playground Logo

This site has lists of videos by topic, but most of them seem to be from Brightstorm. They are geared towards Primary School Years 3 to 7.


They also have a great little set of problem solving animated Problem Solving videos. In these videos, word problems are given, key information highlighted and extracted, and then working out to reach the answer shown.


Free Video Lectures

Free Lectures Logo

The guy who presents these is a little bit quirky at times, but they are well filmed with him working on the board, and also have embed code available. They are hosted from YouTube and have full screen available, as well as a download button, which is actually a really cool link into KeepVid.

Here is a typical Free Lectures video.


This site covers Fractions, Decimals, as well as Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus to senior math level. However, the site does not seem to have any Geometry videos.

The guy who does these videos, also has his own comprehensive website of the same type of videos material at:

This covers senior maths that includes Calculus and Polynomials.

The author of these videos has contacted us stating that “Free Video Lectures” are using his videos without permission.

So please watch his videos at the “Maths by Fives” website.


Math Videos Online

Math Videos Logo

This site seems to be quite popular in search engine results; however we did not think it was an exceptional site.

The site appears to be by Doina Popovici, who has contributed a great number of free resources to the web.

The videos are small and cannot be made full screen and are not embeddable.

However, some of the videos are quite cute, because they use animated avatars. Check the link below for an example.

We did manage to find that same video on Teacher Tube, where it could be full sized.

Here is the link to the Math Videos Online site.


Two Plus One Math Rock

Two Plus One Logo

These videos are rock music videos made to PowerPoints that are on the Two Plus One YouTube channel.

There are around thirty music videos as of September 2011.

Here is a typical music video by these guys.


The link to their YouTube Channel is as follows:

There are also lots of other Math Song videos on YouTube, and they make a great intro ice-breaker for starting Junior math classes.

It may take some searching to find good songs, but it is worth the effort.


Your Teacher

Your Logo

“Your Teacher” has a YouTube channel that has several hundred short 2 to 3 minute videos that have a person do an example problem at a Whiteboard.

They are not particularly innovative, but are great to use on Learning Management System or Blog pages, because they are so clear and to the point.

Here is a typical video.


The link to their YouTube channel is as follows:


TeacherTube Videos

Teacher Tube Logo

This site does have a “Math” channel, but the quality of the videos is extremely variable. The videos can be made full size, and there is embed code, but it doesn’t seem to work in WordPress. The videos can however be downloaded to your own device, and this could be quite a useful feature.

The link to their site is as follows:


Best Tutoring

Best Damn Tutoring Logo

This is a YouTube channel with a lot of videos going up to Calculus level.

Presentation is fairly plain, with a filmed lesson at the whiteboard. However he does have several hundred videos on his channel and covers a lot of math areas.

Here is a sample video.


The link to his YouTube channel is as follows:


Ten Marks Instructor

Ten Marks Logo

This guy has nearly 2000 videos, that range from 3rd grad to tenth grade mathematics.

In particular, he has good rounding off numbers videos, as well as the following great composite areas videos like this one.


His YouTube channel is at the following link.


The Free Maths Tutor

Doug Simmons Logo

Doug Simmons has this YouTube Channel which covers Years 7 to 11 mathematics.

These are short simple videos that are good for adding to learning management systems and blogs.

Here is a typical video.


Here is Doug’s video which outlines his website:


His YouTube channel is at the following link.


Mahalo Math

Mahalo Logo

These guys are a lot like “Your Teacher”, and have over 200 short, sharp, videos that each cover a single math concept.

Mahalo Math appears to be well suited to Years 6 to 8, and they have some very nice simple Algebra, Probability, Geometry and Number videos.

Here is a typical Mahalo video.


The Mahalo Math YouTube channel is at the following link.


Neo K12

Neo K-12Logo

This site has lots of links to videos about all types of K to 12 School subjects.

A lot of the math videos simply link to Khan Academy, or various YouTube videos. However, their website is a fantastic index of videos, and there are science videos that can be found and used for showing maths in the real world.

Here is a sample video we found using the Neo K12 website.


The Neo K12 website can be found at the following link:


BBC Learning Zone

BBC Logo

The BBC has an awesome collection of Maths in the Real World type video clips as part of its “Learning Zone” broadband facility.

Simply search for Mathematics and the clips will come up.

Unfortunately due to UK TV licensing, these clips are not available to anyone located outside the UK.

However, if you pay for a VPN connection to watch the BBC from overseas through a third party provider, it is possible to watch the clips. However it is fairly expensive to run one of these services, and we found here in Australia that the speed was not always totally reliable.

The link to the BBC Learning Zone is as follows:

That’s the end of our maths movie marathon !

Although not all of the videos we have listed are engaging enough to use for classroom presentation, they are great to embed onto websites and learning management systems.

Students can then be directed to watch the videos at home, especially if they have missed lessons, or fallen behind, and need to catch up on work.


Maths 4 Real

Maths4 Real PW Pic

Just before we finish up, we will mention the brilliant “Maths 4 Real” DVD videos.

THESE ARE NOT FREE, but we have regularly used them in our Year 7 to 10 classes and they are superb.

As well as covering Math topics, they also give excellent real world applications as well.

If you are in the UK, they can be purchased online here:

If you are in Australia, the two DVDs be purchased from the VEA for $85.50 and $103.50, for product codes CH049 and CH050 DVDs.


Please note that Passy’s World of Mathematics has no financial interest in any of the websites reviewed in this lesson.


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