Interesting Circles

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Circles are quite useful when we go skateboarding, and are called “pipes” and “half pipes”.

Here is a quick video of some Skateboarding inside a pipe.

Here is some more skating inside a pipe, but this time with an awesome full circle loop at the end.

In Skate Boarding, and BMX Bike riding, doing a full rollercoaster style loop is called doing a “Loop of Death”, (for reasons that will become apparent a bit later on).

Here is a video of two skateboarders making it around the full circle “Loop of Death”:

But before you think about trying this at home, perhaps you should check out this video:

BMX bikes and Motorbikes have done some successful full circle Loops.

Speaking of things going round and round, here is an interesting little science experiment. (Warning: Don’t try this at home!)

So we’ve seen skateboards and bikes do full circle loops, but what about something bigger, like a car?

Here is a failed attempt to have a Car do a full circle Loop:

Here is the mathematics of a Loop the Loop, which helps explain why it is so hard to do successfully.

Here is “Fifth Gear’s” Loop the Loop high quality video of a car successfully making it. It gives the math that was used as well. In fact they set a new world record doing it.

Now for something completely mad involving circles that happens in England at Gloucestershire every year.

This one involves a big round circular cheese being rolled down an insanely steep hill, with the competitors chasing it downhill at full speed.

Well I’m feeling quite dizzy after that final round of circles.

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