Converting Decimals to Percentages

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In 14 carat gold jewellery, 0.6 grams of each gram in the ring, bracelet, necklace, or ear rings, is Pure Gold.

The remaining 0.4 grams of metal are a mixture of 0.25 grams of Silver, and 0.15 grams of Copper.

We can easily calculate the Percentage of Gold in any 14 carat gold jewellery item, by converting the Decimal Value of 0.6 to a Percentage.

To convert any Decimal to a Percentage, we Multiply the Decimal by 100, and put on a % sign.

Percentage of Gold = 0.6 x 100 = 60 %


Converting Decimals to Percentages

Changing a Decimal value into a Percentage involves multiplying the Decimal Value by 100.

This can be done using a calculator.

Without using a calculator converting is still a simple process as shown below.

Decimal to Percentage 1
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Converting Decimals to Percentages – Examples

The following examples show some common Decimals to Percentages Conversions.

These can be done very easily without a calculator, by moving the decimal point two places to the right, and zero filling any gaps.

This should give the exact same result as multiplying the decimal by 100 on a calculator.

Decimals to Percentages 2
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Other examples are these:

1.2 becomes 12_% then we fill the empty gap with a zero to make 120%

0.055 becomes 005.5 then we remove two leading zeroes to obtain 5.5%

0.4 becomes 04_% then we fill the empty gap with a zero to make 040%, and then remove the zero in the front to get a final answer of 40%.

It is worthwhile memorizing these common Decimal to Percent values:

0.1 = 10%
0.2 = 20%
0.25 = 25%
0.5 = 50%
0.75 = 75%
1 = 100%
1.25 = 125%
2 = 200%


Converting Decimals to Percentages Video

This very short video is by Your, and shows how to move the decimal point 2 places to the right to make a decimal into a percent.


Converting Decimals to Percentages Video

The first part of this video covers converting Decimals to Pecentages, and then the remainder of the video reviews the other conversion we have done in previous lessons..


Converting Decimals to Percentages Video

Advance the YouTube player slider and watch the second half of this video.

Eg. Move the video slider to the 5 minutes 40 seconds position to do this.

The first part shows how to convert Percentages into Decimals by moving decimal places to the left.

The second part from 5:40 onwards covers the Decimals to Percentages that we are doing in this lesson.


Instructional Website: Math Goodies

Click the link below to go through an excellent lesson on Converting Decimals to Percentages.

At the end of the lesson, do the Online Quiz.


Decimal to Percentage Games

Have fun playing the following games which will help you do all types of conversions including Decimals to Percentages.

Percents Fractions Decimals – “Decention” Game

Decention Grps of 3

“Decention” involves Percents Fractions and Decimals Groups of 3 Matching.

Use the mouse to move the players into circles in groups of 3, then click the “Check” button to see how things are going. The groups of three have to be equal values. For example 4/5 and 0.8 and 80% belong in a group of three because they are all representations of 80 percent.


Decimals to Percents Time Trial

Dec to Perc Time trial

In this Time Trial activity, we type the answer in the answer box and then press enter, (or click the check box). We are then given immediate feedback about our answer. At the end of the time we get a % accuracy score for our work.


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