Converting Fractions to Percentages

Augustus Chocolate Willy Wonker
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Let’s say we did a survey about people liking chocolate.

We were wondering if anyone liked chocolate as much as “Augustus” (pictured above), who went swimming in a river of chocolate in the original “Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory” movie.

Our survey results turned out as follows:

1 out of every 10 people did not like chocolate at all, and 2 out of every 5 people were undecided, and 1 out of every 2 people love chocolate so much that they eat it everyday!

These survey results as fractions look like this:

Do Not Like Chocolate – 1/10

Do not Like or Dislike – 2/5

Love chocolate Totally – 1/2

Statistical Results are not usually presented like this, because it is too hard to compare items.

Eg. How can we know how much bigger 1/2 is than 1/10.

Survey Results are usually converted to Percent Values, so that we can compare them far more easily.


To Convert a Fraction to a Percent: MULTIPLY BY 100 / 1


Multiplying each of our Chocolate Survey Fractions by 100/1 gives the following results:

Do Not Like Chocolate – 10 %

Do not Like or Dislike – 40 %

Love chocolate Totally – 50 %

It is now much clearer to compare results.

For example we can now see that five times as many people love chocolate as those who hate chocolate, (50 % compared to 10 %).


This lesson is all about converting Fractions to Percentages.

To convert any Fraction into a Percentage, follow these steps.

Fraction to Percentage
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Common Percent Values

The following common Fraction and Percentage Values should be be commited to memory.

It is very useful to have an idea of what Fraction of a whole amount any given Percentage is.

Percentage 1

Percentage 2
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Video about Fractions into Percentages

The following video shows some examples of converting fractions to Percentages by Multiplying them by 100, and then simplifying.

Here at Passy World we believe this is the easiest way to change any Fraction into a Percent value.


Video about Fractions into Percentages

Watch the following video which shows how to convert Fractions into Percentage Values, but using a different method to what we have in our Passy’s World lesson.

This video shows how to convert a Fraction to a Decimal, and then convert the Decimal to a Percent.


Video About Converting Fractions to Decimals

Using the methods from our Percentage lessons on Passy’s World, we would have to convert a Fraction to a Decimal by doing:

Fraction into Percent, and then converting this Percent into a Decimal.

This works okay and will give the correct answer.

However if you want to know a faster way to get straight from a Fraction to a Decimal, (Using Dividing), then watch the following video on how to do this.

Fractions to Percent Online Converters

Percent to Fraction Online Calculator

The above two calculators can be found at the following links, and work as shown above.

(This first link is for Fraction to Percentage conversion which we are doing in this lesson).



Percentage Games

The following fun online games provide practice in converting Fractions to Percentages, as well several other common mathematical conversions.

If you find these games difficult, then we suggest you do the lessons in the “Related Items” section after the games.


“Bravo Millionaire”


In this one or two player millionaire game, we can practice changing fractions and decimals into percents. It is well done and lots of fun.

Click here to play Fractions Decimals Millionaire


“Bravo Jeopardy”


In this really fun jeopardy game we change fractions to decimals and percents and vice-versa. We can play this game by solo, or with our friends, or in teams. Remember to click on your character to get them to buzz in first for the answer.

Click here to play Fractions Decimals Jeopardy


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