Dividing Exponents

Exponents on Blackboard
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In this lesson we look at how to Divide Algebra Expressions which contain exponents.

We also introduce the Dividing Exponents “Subtraction” short cut rule.

If you are very new to Exponents, we recommend that you first do our previous Exponents Lessons, which are accessable at the following links:





In our previous lesson on Algebra Dividing, we looked at dividing exponent terms by fully expanding out and cancelling identical terms, as in this example:

Dividing Exponent Powers Quotient Rule
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Exponents “Subtract Powers” Dividing Rule

Rather than do lengthy expansions and cancelling out, we can use a shortcut rule for doing our Exponent Division.

This shortcut rule is similar to the “Add Powers Rule” which we have learned previously for Multiplying Exponents.

Dividing Exponents Quotient Rule
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The following example shows how to do our previous question using the Dividing – Subtract Powers Rule.

Dividing Exponents Indices Quotient Rule
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The Subtract Rule also works for Expressions containing letter variables.

Dividing Powers 5
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Videos about Dividing Exponents

The following quick video shows how to do dividing that involves exponents, using the subtraction rule.


The following video shows three examples of dividing exponents.


Steps for Dividing Exponents

For the more involved expressions we will be doing in the remainder of this lesson, the following working out steps need to be followed:

Dividing Indices 5
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Dividing Exponents Examples

The following example shows how to break apart and simplify a multiple items exponents division fraction.

Dividing Exponents Example Four
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This next example shows how to do an exponents division which involves negative numbers.

Dividing Exponents Example 5
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