Algebra Dividing and Exponents

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In this lesson we cover dividing algebraic expressions.

It is important that you have some prior background knowledge in Algebra and Exponents.

If you are unsure, then check out our previous lessons on this material at the links below:


It is also important to remember the Integer Rules for Dividing positive and negative numbers.

Dividing Integers Rules 1
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These dividing rules can be summarised as follows:

Dividing Integers Rules 2
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Finally, you will also need to be familiar with breaking down numbers into their Prime Factors.

Algebra Dividing 1
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Algebra Dividing 2
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Watch the videos in the following section if you do not already know how to make “Prime Factors” for numbers.


Prime Factors Videos



And finally watch this great music song video from “Math Rocks!”


Video About Algebra Division

The following video does get into some advanced bracket divisions, but does include some simpler examples related to the work we are covering in this lesson.


Basic Algebra Division

Let’s first do a normal division of 12 divided by 6, which we should all know equals two.

In the example below, we show how to do this division using the cancelling prime factors method.

Algebra Dividing 3
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This may seem like a very long way to do a simple division; however this cancelling factors method of reducing down fractions will be very useful when we need to reduce down Algebra Fractions.

Let’s start our Algebra Divisions with something very simple : 12w / 6

If we separate the numbers and the letters we have 12/6 times w.

12 / 6 means 12 divided by 6, which is 2.

So for our answer we have 2 times w, which is written as 2w.

Algebra Dividing 4
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Algebra Division Steps

The steps for working out any Algebra Division question are as follows:

Algebra Dividing 5
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Algebra Division Examples

The following examples show how to do a variety of Algebra Division questions, including ones which contain Powers Terms with Exponents.

Algebra Dividing 6
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Algebra Dividing 7
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Algebra Dividing 8
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Algebra Dividing 9
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Video About Multiplying and Dividing Exponents

This final video revises multiplying exponents, and then later on gets into dividing exponents.

It also shows the fast track rules of adding Exponents for Multiplying Problems, and Subtracting Exponents for Dividing Problems.

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