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In this post we look at a number of great free online resources for teaching and learning mathematics.


Free Online Mathematics Tests

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The Internet is an incredible resource for mathematics learning tools. And after we have done some learning, we need to test how much has been retained and properly understood.

What better way to do this than to take a quick online test and get immediate feedback.

“Online Tests” are onscreen interactive tests, where we can type an answer into the computer. The computer then immediately corrects all of our questions and gives us our score.

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Free Online Mathematics Worksheets

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Need some practice on a Mathematics topic ?

There are plenty of free practice questions on the Internet. Not only are they free, but they have answers available for checking your work.

There are loads of great free worksheet sites for Primary school level mathematics, but the good ones for High School and middle school can sometimes be a bit more challenging to find.

Our review includes some Primary Worksheets, but also focuses on worksheets that are suitable for High School mathematics.

Since these worksheets are either loaded as web pages, or online Adobe PDF documents, they should all work on Apple devices, as well as on PC’s and Laptops.

We found lots of sites on the Internet for Math Worksheets, and this review features what we consider to be ten of the best worksheet sites on the web.

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Free Online Graph Makers

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Microsoft Excel is great for making Charts and Graphs. However we can also use some free Graph makers on the Internet for doing most of the basic graphs we need for mathematics.

In our review we look at How to use “Kids Zone” and “Chart Go” to make a simple Bar Chart for a Shoe Length survey, as well as a Pie Chart for a Car Colour Survey.

We then look at more great free online graph makers for Stem and Leaf Plots, Box and Whisker Plots, Histograms, Scatter Plots, Straight Line Graphs, Quadratics, Parabolas, Cubics, and Trigonometry Functions.

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Free Online Calculators and Converters

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The Internet is brilliant for finding just about everything!

It is especially easy to find plenty of free online apps for calculating and converting. There are free online converters for just about anything you could ever want to do.

In this our review we provide links to our favorite free online converters.

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Free Online Mathematics Videos

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There are a lot of Mathematics instructional videos on the Internet. Many of these are simply of a teacher at a whiteboard that has been captured on video.

However, others use narration with PowerPoint slides, or are music filmclips and are very well done indeed.

Many math videos can be found simply by searching YouTube, but it often takes a very long time to sort through the results and find the best ones.

In our review we take a look at the best sets of videos that we have found available online for free.

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