Real World Mathematics Formulas

Angry Birds Physics Diagram
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In this lesson we take a look at how Algebra Formulas and Equations are used in the real world.

If we did not have Algebra formulas for “Kinematics”, we would not have great games like “Angry Birds” !

There are many scientific, economic, financial, medical, engineering, and computer app formulas that are used in our modern world.

Most apps on modern devices use formulas to do things such as adjust photos, or use physics formulas to create realistic game play.

We have a couple of Slideshare presentations which illustrate several different real world formulas.

Slideshare Presentation on Algebra Formulas


Slideshare Presentation on Motorsport Formulas


Mini Assignment

Research a Mathematics Algebra Formula of your own choosing.

Include the following in your write up:

The actual Algebra Formula

What all the pronumeral letters in the formula stand for

What the formula is used for

Who invented the formula and when did this happen

What type of occupation or job would use this formula

Whether or not this formula could be made into a useful mobile phone app

List any formulas that are similar or related to the one you chose

Include a Bibliography of links where you obtained information from

Some ideas for finding a formula to research would be to use a Google web search for items such as:

Automotive Formulas, Plumbing Equations and Formulas, Electrician Equations and Formulas, Fire Equations, Accounting Ratios and Formulas, Economics Equations and Formulas, Financial Equations, Interest Equations, Chemistry Formulas, Physics Formulas, Medical Equations and Formulas, Electronics Equations and Formulas, Wave Equations, Trigonometry Equations, Surveying formulas and equations.

If you are interested in researching Body and Fitness Formulas, then the following link has a good list of formulas:

If you are a computer nerd, then why not investigate a simple but very important equation called “Moore’s Law”; check out the following link:’s.htm

If you are a gamer, you might be interested in investigating some of the physics formulas used in Angry Birds; check out the following link:

The mini assignment can be completed as either a Word Document, a Poster, or a PowerPoint presentation.


High School Mathematics Formulas

The following link has a good list of mathematics formulas that you might be using during math lessons at secondary school.

The following slideshare has basic Perimeter, Area, and Volume formulas that you will be using in High School Mathematics.


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