Percentage of Amount Using Fractions

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Let’s say we are making a Car Loan repayment, and we want to find the value of 10% of $200.

We are interested in doing this because our weekly Car Loan Payment is $200 plus 10% Interest.

Well 10% is one tenth,

and one tenth of 200 is the same as 200 divided by 10

which is 20.

So 10% of $200 = $20.


But what if we had the trickier task of getting 4 and 1/2 percent of $5000 ?

To work out this Percentage Amount, we need to convert our Percentage to a Fraction, and then multiply this Fraction by $5000.

If you do not remember how to convert a Percentage to a Fraction, then click the link below to do this lesson before proceeding any further.


Calculating Percentages of Amounts

In today’s lesson we are learning how to work out the Percentage amount or portion of a given numerical item.

The following is a summary of the steps required to do this.

To work out the % amount of a given value:

– Convert the % Value to a Fraction
( Put /100 or do x 1/100 )

– Multiply by the given amount Value

– Answer in correct units (Not % !)

Percentage Amount Calculation
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Also remember these important things:

% means /100

/100 is the same as doing divided by 100 on a calculator

“of” means multiply

There is no percent sign on the final answer.

If we have a basic whole number Percentage given to us then the steps are simply:

Write the given % value as a fraction


Multiply this fraction by the given amount value

Note that the Amount Value needs to be written as a fraction over 1

Put appropriate units on the answer (do not put a % sign on it).


Percentage of Amount Videos

The following video shows how to work out a percentage of a number without using a calculator.


This next video shows a slightly different way of doing the same question.


This next video shows some handy “Mental Math” shortcuts for working out Percentages of Numbers and Amounts.


Percentage of Amount Examples

The following examples show how to do a simple whole number Percentage question, as well as a question involving fractions.

Calculating Percentage Examples
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Online Percentage Calculator

Percentage Calculator

The above is a dual purpose Percentages and Amounts Calculator

This calculator can be accessed at the following link:

It is easy to use and gives Percentages and Values as shown above.

Pick which calculation you want to do. You do not have to do both calculations and can just do one like we have in the above example.


Calculating Percentage Worksheets

“Homeschool Math” has a great free worksheet generator, (with answers provided).

We set up what we require on the following input table:

Percentage Worksheet 1

Then simply click the “Submit” button and our worksheet opens in a new window.

When you have completed the worksheet, simply click on “Answer Key” at the bottom of the screen to check your answers.

A new window will open with a worked answers sheet like this:

Percentage Worksheet 2

Click the link below to go to the Worksheet Generator.


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