Dividing Integers

Divide Zero Poster
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A question like -6 divided by -2 is asking us this:

How many lots of -2 are contained in -6 ?

We could probably work this out in our head, or else draw a diagram to help us get the answer.

Div Lots of Example

The above example shows that a negative number divided by a negative number gives a positive answer.

If we do the mathematics for all possible combinations, we find that the following applies.

Div Int Rules

These dividing rules can be summarised in the following diagram.

Div Int Summary Rules

If we go back and look at our previous lesson on Multiplying Integers, by clicking the following link:


we notice that the dividing rules for answers are exactly the same as the multiplying rules.

Dividing Integers Examples

The following examples show how to work out the four main types of Integer Dividing Questions.

The working out steps are as follows:

1) Write down the question

2) Work out which of the four Dividing Rules we need to use to get the Sign of the answer (eg. Positive or Negative answer).

3) Pretend the signs are not there, and divide the numbers as normal.

4) Combine the results from steps 2 and 3 to form the final answer.


Dividing Integers Example 1

Div Int Q1


Dividing Integers Example 2

Div Int Q2


Dividing Integers Example 3

Div Ints Q3


Dividing Integers Example 4

Div Ints Q4


Dividing Integers Game

This game covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions.

To practice dividing, do the Division questions in this game.

You can play it alone or in teams.

To take our turn, we click on a points score box to get a question to do in the given category.

Click on the image below, or the link which follows, to play this game.

Int Ops Jeapordy Game


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