Integers Order of Operations

Bodmas Pemdas Rules

In countries like Australia, we use the “BODMAS” or “BOMDAS” Rule for doing maths operations in the correct order.

In the USA, and some other countries, use the “PEMDAS” Rule for doing their maths operations.

“Operations” are any of the following: Brackets, Squares, Powers, Square Roots, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction.

Operations Introduction

Consider the following question:

1 + 2 x 5

There are two possible ways of doing this question:

the right way, and the wrong way!

Bodmas of 1 plus 2 times 5

If you are having trouble thinking about which one is the correct answer, then think about a money sum.

If someone gave you one dollar plus two five dollar notes, then the total would be $11.

It would not be $15.

Now consider this next question:

2 + 3 x -4

Again there are two possible ways of doing this question:

the right way, and the wrong way.

Bodmas Integers wrong and right example

We must follow the “Order of Operations” carefully in Mathematics to arrive at correct answers.



For countries like Australia that use BODMAS, the following five minute video covers how everything works.



For countries like the USA which use PEMDAS, the following ten minute Video explains all of the key concepts.



Integers Examples

Example 1 : Multiplication and Addition

Bodmas Example 1


Example 2: Multiplication and Division

Bodmas Example 2


Example 3: Brackets Multiplication and Division

Bodmas Example 3


Example 4: Brackets Division and Multiplication

Bodmas Example 4


Example 5: Brackets Addition and Subtraction

Bodmas Example 5


BODMAS / Pemdas Summary

Once you have done a few practice questions, the following should become a lot more familiar.

Bodmas Summary



Here is a catchy little tune to help you remember the BODMAS order of operations.


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