Plotting Graphs from Tables

Horizontal table of values

The above diagram is a values table of (x,y) coordinates. Our objective is to plot these points onto the Cartesian Plane.

If you are not familiar with plotting (x,y) points onto an X-Y Grid, then click the link below to learn about this before continuing any further.

Cartesian Plane Lesson

Steps for Plotting Graphs from Tables

To plot a graph using a values table we follow these steps:

Step 1) Write the table out as a set of (x,y) coordinates.

Step 2) Rule up an X-Y grid on graph paper.

Step 3) Plot the points onto the grid.

Step 4) If the points form a pattern, then use a ruler to join the points together.

Step 5) Extend the line to fill the grid, and add arrows to both ends.

Example Plotted Graph from Values Table

Here are Steps 1 and 2 completed for the example table shown at the very start of this lesson.

Plotting Steps 1 and 2

Here is step 3 completed, where we have plotted the five points onto the grid.

Plotting Step 3

The five points are then connected together to make a straight line.

Plotting Step 4

The final step is to extend the ends of the line and add arrows onto them.

Plotting Step 5

Cartesian Plane Practice Grid

Here is a blank Cartesian Plane you can print out or Project onto a Whiteboard to practice plotting points.

Clicking the Image should take you to an 800×494 pixels grid that can be projected or printed.

Cartesian Plane Grid

That’s it for plotting points from X-Y values Tables.

In the next lesson we will look at plotting points to make a line from a “T-Table”.

(A “T-Table is a vertical version of an X-Y values Table).

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