Real World Line Graphs

Game Console Sales Graph
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Straight Line Graphs play an important part in our modern lives.

They are used extensively in Sales and Marketing, Economics, Business, Psychology, Science and Medicine.

Here is a Graph from a medical study of infertility that has several straight line portions in it.

Fertility Versus Age Graph
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Shown below is one version of the famous “Moore’s Law” Graph.

This law states that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.

This results in a straight line graph that shows a steady increase in computing capability from 1970 onwards.

Moore's Law Graph
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This is what enables us to keep getting smaller and more powerful mobile phones and digital cameras. Major advances in these technologies follow Moore’s Law and occur about every two years.

Moore’s Law is expected to continue this straight line pattern until at least 2015 or 2020.

The following Slideshare presentation shows several other common and important applications of straight line graphs in the real world.

Click the bottom right hand corner button to go full screen, and then use the “Esc” key to return to this blog.

If using Apple touch screen devices, you should be able to flip the slides by swiping your finger.


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Real World Straight Line Graphs I

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