Addition Equations

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Algebra Equations are used for working out unknown amounts in many real world situations.

For example we might need to know how much deposit do we need to put on a new car so that we can pay it off at $150 a month in under five years.

We might have an 8 point Basketball Average so far this season, and we want to know what our average would go up to if we scored an incredible 28 points in our next game.

These type of situations require the creation and solving of Algebra equations.

We will begin with the easiest type of Algebra Equations which are “One Step Addition Equations”.

The following Slideshare presentation goes through everything we need to know about setting up and solving One Step Addition Equations.

If you cannot view the above presentation, (because you are using an Apple device), then click below view the following PDF version of the slideshow.

Video Lessons on One Step Addition Equations

Here is a video from “Mahalo Math” on solving one step addition equations.

This is a similar short video by “Your Teacher”.

Here is a video from “Brightstorm” that explains the difference between an Expression and an Equation.

One Step Addition Equations Worksheets

The following worksheets have questions to do on Addition Equations. Answers are available when we scroll down to page 2 on each sheet.

The first sheet is very easy, the second and third sheets have negative numbers, the fourth sheet has Year 8 type questions.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 4

That’s it for one step addition equations.

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