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Many word problems in Mathematics involve writing an equation and then solving it to obtain a number answer.

First we need to know how to translate the words into Algebra. If you are not sure about how to do this, then click the link below to go to our lesson about translating word problems.

Translating Word Problems into Algebra

In today’s lesson, we will be looking at a few YouTube videos which show examples of the common types of equations word problems.

Here is a basic Division Word problem.

Here are a couple of typical word problems. Both of them involve solving equations.

The following videos show some hints and ideas about how to do a number of the common types of word problems that involve equations.

Problems involving people’s ages.

Word Problems involving Work and Jobs.

Rate Problems involving Distance and Time.

Problems Involving Mixing Ingredients Together.

Here is an example word problem involving money.

Finally, here is a Slideshare presentation which summarises the main equation types, and does some great Word Problem examples.

That’s the last word on word problems.

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