Fractions Equations

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Fractions Equations usually involve dividing, that is represented using numerator/denominator notation, instead of using a divided by sign.

Frac Eqns slide 1

We can solve Fraction Equations using Back Tracking Flowcharts.

In our example equation: n/3 + 4 = 7 we need to do the opposites of /3 and + 4 in SAMDOB or SADMEP order.

This gives the solution of n = 9 as shown below.

Frac Eqns slide 2

We need to be very careful doing Fractions equations.

Sometimes there are minor differences between questions, and these differences are very important.

Frac Eqns slide 3

Let’s look at how n + 4 / 3 = 7 is different to n/4 + 3 = 7

Frac Eqns slide 4

The equation actually does follow BODMAS order, it is just that this is a bit hidden from view.

Frac Eqns slide 5

Here is how we solve n + 4 / 3 = 7 using a Back tracking Flowchart:

Frac Eqns slide 6

We can see two fraction equations that looked almost the same, are in fact quite different.

Frac Eqns slide 7

Fractions With Negative Values

Solving Fraction Equations which contain negative values requires a certain type of understanding.

We need to understand that a subtraction sign in front of an Algebra fraction is the same as dividing by a negative number.

Frac Eqns slide 8

The following example shows how to do a typical negative subtraction equation that involves an Algebra Fraction.

Frac Eqns slide 9

Here is the Back Tracking Flowchart solution for our equation.

Frac Eqns slide 10

That’s it for Fraction Equations.

As long as you are careful and follow the required steps, getting the correct answers for these should be achievable. Remember that “Practice makes Perfect”, and so make sure you do quite a few of these questions so you can get good at them.

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