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In this post we present a number of free Algebra Equations Games and Activities that students can use to reinforce their equation solving skills.

Simply click on the image of the game, or the provided text link, to open the game in a new window on your web browser.

Since most of these games use Flash, Shockwave, or Javascript, they probably will not work on Apple devices. Apple products do not have the functionality to run such applications, but the games should work fine on any normal netbook, laptop, or PC.

Battleship One Step Equations

Battleship One Step Equations

This is played just like the classic Battleship game. We click on the opponent’s right hand side grid and get splash circles if there is not a ship on that grid square.

However, when there is a ship there, we get given a one step equation to solve. If we get it correct, we get a dot to confirm the hit.

If we get it wrong we can try again by clicking back on the dot and re-doing the same equation on our next turn.

Note that the game does use negative numbers, and so some questions will look like this: 15 = 5 – x . For this example equation, the correct answer from the multiple choice options will be -10.

The game can be played at the following link.


Algebra Planet Blaster

Algebra Planet Blaster

This game will not start unless you first click your mouse into the game area, then the cursor movement and space bar shooter start functioning.

The equations are one and two step equations involving both positive and negative numbers.

The game only has one level, but restarting the game gives a new set of equations to do.

The game can be played at the following link.


Balanced Equations

Ducks Balanced Equations

In this game, we need to click and drag numbers down from the top and into the right position to create a balanced equation.

In a balanced equation, both sides of the equals sign generate the same number. Eg. 10 x 2 = 5 x 4 .

The game can be played at the following link.


Equation Match Picture Puzzle

Equation Match Picture Puzzle

This game by BBC requires the free Adobe Shockwave player to be installed on your computer.

The object of the game is to match up a pair of equations that both have the same Answer.

Eg. We could match x-5 = 2 (which has an answer of x=7) with 3x=21 which also has an answer of 7.

When we match correctly, two more parts of the underlying image are revealed.

The game has levels, where Level 1 appears to only give simple one step equations. Level 3 gives letters both sides and brackets equations.

The game can be played at the following link.


One Step Basketball Game

One Step Basketball Game

One-step adding and subtracting game, as well as a one-step multiplication and division game.

The equations are challenging, as they use fractions, negative numbers and decimals.

If you get a question correct, you get to aim your ball and have a shot at the basket.

This game can be played at the following link.


There is this exact same game, but as a Two Step Equations Game, at the following link:


Equation Buster Game

Equation Buster Game

There are four levels of this game, but each level always has the same equation to solve for that level.

Level 1 is always the same single step equation, and Level 4 is always the equation 4w + 2 = 2w – 4 .

However it is till worthwhile giving this game a go.

The idea is to go through the solving steps one by one, and if we reach the answer in the least possible steps we get a double tick on our answer.

The main page where levels can be selected is at the following link.


Equation Millionaire

Equation Millionaire

This game has a mixture of difficulties, ranging from single step with negative numbers, through to brackets equations and fractions.

It has a set of three “hints” that are like lifelines, and give clues such as “The answer is not D”.

This game can be played at the following link.


Equation Solver

Equation Solver

This is more of an interactive online activity, where we can choose the reversing operation to do, type in the value we want to do the operation to and then press enter to get to the next line.

Note that we use the red “:” for doing divided by.

We can also make up our own equation, type it in, and then solve it.

The activity can be found at the following link.


Equation Substitution Match

Equation Substitution Match

This game required us to install the free “Adobe Shockwave Player” add-in to our browser before we could play the game.

The game involves substituting into an equation and working out which is the correct answer. It has three levels of difficulty.

The game can be played at the following link.


Interactive Equation Balancing

Interactive Equation Balancer

This activity is really cool. We can click on the purple buttons to add or remove x’s or ones. As we do this, the items are added or removed from both sides of the balance.

The idea is to reduce the items on the balance down until we just have one “x” on the balance. The remaining numbers on the other side of the balance tell us what the answer for the value of “x” is.

This activity can be found at the following link.


Poodle Weigh In

Balance Beam Poodles

This game involves putting number weights on the balance to match the weight of the strange looking Poodle.

Hover the mouse over the bottom right hand corner “Help” button, to get instructions on how to play the game.

Hover the mouse over the bottom left hand corner “Hint” button, to reveal the number equation which needs solving.

Then click on the number weights to make them go onto the balance and add up to the required answer.

To remove a number off the balance, simply click the number on the right hand side of the balance that we want to remove.

The game can be played at the following link.


Solve Equations Time Trial

XP Eqns Online Time Trial

This game is more of a time trialled Online Test, rather than a game. It focuses on two step equations and includes negative numbers.

The game can be played at the following link.


In addition, there are XP Math One Step Equations Time Trials activities at the web pages below.

These cover One Step Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.





Addition Balance Game

Softschools add numbers

This one is really a basic primary school game, and involves working out missing values in an addition sum.

However it does the train students to be thinking of the concept of balancing, and is good brain exercise when students push themselves against the timer.

The game can be played at the following link.


That’s it for our selection of Equations Games.

These games could be added individually to lessons, or used as a group item when students are revising their work.

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