Column and Pie Graphs in Excel 2007

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In this post we are going to look at how to make Column Graphs, and Pie Charts, using Microsoft Excel 2007.

Click the following link to watch our five minute Column Graphs video at :


Creating an Uncluttered Horizontal Axis

When we added the cm units onto our Foot Lengths, the Horizontal axis became very cluttered with them jammed up against each other like this:

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We can make an Alt-Enter carriage return in front of every second measure, eg. 24cm, 26cm , 28cm etc and this staggers the horizontal axis labels.

It then makes everything look and fit better:

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The Screencast Jing video in the link above, included a demonstration on how to do this axis labels staggering.


Making Pie Charts in Excel 2007

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Here is a five minute Jing video that we made here at Passy World. It is all about how to make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel 2007.

(The screen will go white for a few sections while the video loads in from the Jing screencast site).

Click the following link to go and view our five minute Pie Graphs video full size on the “screencast” website:

See the “How to Pie Chart” video full size at Screencast


Further Information

There are some good free tutorials, as well as very useful add-ons that can be purchased for Excel 2007 at this website:


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