Excel 2007 Charts and Graphs

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This post is all about Making Charts and Graphs in Excel 2007.

Here at Passy World we have scoured the web and identified some great slide shows and Free Online Tutorials. These will soon turn you into an Excel Charts Wizard.

First of all there is plenty of good help for Excel at various Microsoft pages, such as the one shown below. This page has an excellent five and a half minute demo video on how to make charts and graphs from spreadsheet data.

Excel Charts “How To” video

Click the link below to open the Microsoft page which has the video:


Here is a great beginners slideshow about Excel Charts from Slideshare.


(Note that we can click on the “Full” icon at the bottom to go full screen, and then simply press the Escape key to return to this Blog page).

Here is a more detailed Slideshare on creating a basic comparison series Bar Graph in Excel:

Here is a twenty seven slide presentation all about making Excel Graphs:

Online Tutorials for Excel 2007 Charts

There is a very basic online tutorial about using Excel 2007 to make a basic bar graph here:


There is a more detailed online Tutorial about making Graphs at the following web page:


So get into those Excel Graphs for your mathematics classes!

Finally, here is an Excel 2007 graph of some Online Survey results for the Passy’s World of ICT Site

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