Stem and Leaf Plots

Opening S&L Pic from PPT slides

It is quite a bit of work to manually make a bar chart of a set of data results in a Mathematics Workbook.

So in the 1960’s, John Tukey came up with a simplified version of the standard bar chart, which uses numbers instead of bars.

This simplified horizontal chart is called a “Stem and Leaf Plot”, a “Stem and Leaf Diagram”, a “Stem Plot”, a “Stem and Leaf Graph”, an “S & L Plot”, or an “S & L Diagram”.

In this lesson we cover the following:

How a Bar Chart and Stem and Leaf Plot are similar

How to Read a Stem and Leaf Plot

How to Get the Median from a Stem and Leaf Plot

How to Make a Groups of 10 Stem and Leaf Plot

How to Make a Groups of 5 Stem and Leaf Plot

This material is contained in the following Slideshare Presentation of a PowerPoint we made here at Passy World.

If you are not able to access or run the Slideshow, then click the link below to access a PDF document version of the slides.

(This PDF is a 1MB document and so may take a few seconds to load in).


Slideshow About S&L Plots

Click on the bottom right hand corner icon to go full screen, and press the Esc key to return to this lesson. Click on the arrows to go forward and backward through the slide show.

Apple Ipad and Ipod users can swipe their fingers across the slides to go forwards and backwards.


How To Make an Unordered S&L Plot


How to Make a Stem and Leaf Plot


Here is another video on S&L Plots


Finding the Median from an S&L Plot

Here is a video which shows two examples of finding the Median. (Unfortunately, the second example is a bit chopped off on the video).


The following five minute video shows how to find the Median, as well as the first and fourth quartiles.


Online Stem and Leaf Maker

Mr Naussbaum S&L Maker

The above online Stem and Leaf maker is from Mr Nussbaum’s web site.

Put the item values in one by one, which is a bit slow, and then when ready click “Create Graph”.

This online maker only does Groups of Ten S&L Plots.

It also does not include “empty” stems, which have no data values in their range.

Click the following link to use this free S&L maker.


Advanced Online Stem and Leaf Maker

Calculator Soup S&L Maker

This S&L maker does Mean, Median etc, and if we tick the box “Split Stems in Two”, it even does a Groups of Five stem and leaf plot.

The example S&L Plot shown above is a Groups of Five Plot.

Click the following link to use this free S&L maker.


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