Real World Charts and Graphs

pain faces 1 to 10 scale
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In this lesson we are looking at some real world graphs. The idea is to show people how different types of graphs can be useful for real life situations.

First we take a look at Health and Medical Graphs and Scales. Medical Graphs tend to mostly be line and curves graphs.

After that we look at some Sales and Marketing Graphs associated with the Computer Gaming Industry.

These Gaming graphs tend to be Bar Charts and Column Graphs.

Along the way we also look at a couple of funny G-Rated Brian Regan comedy clips from YouTube.


Medical Charts and Graphs

Pain faces scale diagram
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When having pain in hospital after an operation, patients are usually asked by doctors and nurses about how bad their pain is on a scale from 1 to 10.

Here is a short funny animated cartoon all about Pain in Hospital by Brian Regan.


In the next section of this lesson, a Slideshare Presentation shows several real world medical graphs and charts.

Medical Graphs are usually done as Line Graphs, rather than Bar Charts or Column Graphs.

Most of these graphs are produced by computerised equipment that is attached to electronic monitoring equipment.

In olden times, Nurses had to manually make the measurements at regular intervals, and draw them onto graph paper by hand. These graphs would be stored on a clipboard called the patient’s charts.

These days most graphing and charting is automated by computer technology.

However, people need to be well trained in reading these graphs and understanding how they relate to patient health.


Slideshow About Medical Graphs

Click on the bottom right hand corner icon to go full screen, and press the Esc key to return to this lesson. Click on the arrows to go forward and backward through the slide show.

Apple Ipad and Ipod users can swipe their fingers across the slides to go forwards and backwards.


Sales and Marketing Graphs

Google pic of sales graphs
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In the majority of Businesses, Graphs and Charts are very important parts of presentations, reports, and website pages.

They also play a key role in monitoring profits and investigating business opportunities.

Bar Charts and Column Graphs seem to be used the most; however Pie Charts and Line Graphs are also encountered.

Graphs are extremely important in Sales, Marketing, Finance, Insurance, Psychology, and Legal Professions.

The following Slideshare presentation looks at Graphs and Charts used in the multi-billion dollar computer gaming industry.


Finally, here is a funny video cartoon from Brian Regan about what happens when a school project is done at the last minute.


If you want to watch another great Brian Regan video, about the mathematics of cup volumes at fast food restaurants, then click the following link:


Marshall’s Charts and Graphs

It’s quite hard to find anything funny about Mathematics on the Internet, but occassionally something useful does pop up.

Marshall’s Charts and Graphs from “How I Met Your Mother”.



Here is some more of Marshall’s obsession with Charts.


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